Business and Technology based Patent Licensing Services to help drive you and your clients licensing programs to success – accelerating the results with less risk and cost than traditional programs.”


Our Mission:  We are expert at intellectual property strategy and management of the IP process.  We identify intellectual property assets of value and help our clients fully capitalize on the value in their patent portfolios.  We’ve generated millions of dollars for our clients – We’d like to help you.”


Portfolio Services

  • Portfolio Evaluations
  • Patent Analysis and Documentation
  • Prior Art and Invalidity Services
  • Evidence of Infringement Investigations
  • Claim Chart Development

     Licensing Management Services

    • Intellectual Property Strategy Development
    • Assertive Licensing Program Development
    • Defensive Threat  Analysis and Neutralization
    • Expert Witness and Litigation Support Services
    • Patent Brokerage and Location Services
    • Negotiation and Licensing Agreement Services

Who we are:

HTS is a select team of more than 40 deeply experienced and credentialed Licensing, Technical and Business executives with a 20 year track record of both technical and licensing success.


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